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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Install the Tracking Generator option 12 in my unit?
You must have the 80C188 processor in your unit with software 3.0 - 00 or above. Software 1.4, 1.51., 1.7 all use the 80C31 Processor and option 12 is not supported. Upgrading units to accept software 3.0 is not economically possible for the older units.
What is the difference between a 1200S and a 1200 Super S?
Can I get my AM/FM 1000 serviced?
No, we only service all makes of IFR 500 and 1200 Service monitors.
In other words, no COM 120's, Cushmans, 1600 units, A-7550 Analyzers etc. Until further notice its just the 1200 and 500 units.
Will you give me the code or program software so I can turn on the
Tracking Gen options and LTR.
No, not unless a tracker amp is purchased from me. I have tracker amps in stock and will upgrade your unit with the proper cables and hardware. Enquire for current pricing.